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Are you ready to be seriously inspired by our latest guest yoga teacher on Voices of Yoga? This week we are talking with the incredible Marc-Henri Sandoz from Switzerland. Marc-Henri has become a yoga teacher through life challenges including a significant career change, divorce, cancer and now living and teaching after having a leg amputated. 

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New listener review!

I really enjoyed the Voices of Yoga interview with John Stirk. I hadn’t come across him before. It was much longer than most of the other interviews that I have listened to so it was a great chance to get a decent feel for his approach. He has an incredible way of thinking and communicating. I just loved listening to him as I could really feel all of his experience just flowing. Really hoping to attend one of his workshops at some point. Very grateful for this connection and all the new doors that are opening Lindsey so thank you.
— Fiona - Scotland


Listener review from Yvonne Davies - Yoga Warrior

Yvonne shares her top three Voices of Yoga podcasts. You can also listen to Yvonne herself and her own inspiring story here at Voices of Yoga.

The first one I really liked was by
Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo.
— Yvonne Davies - Yoga Warrior

Do get in touch to share or write a blog/video about your favourite 3 podcasts and why.

Lindsey Porter, co-founder of Voices of Yoga, has launched her first book Whirlpools, Yoga and the Balance of Life.

Lindsey Porter Book Launch

Sucked into a whirlpool…
Discovering pre-Inca tribal remains…
Breaking an ankle 5000 metres up the side of a volcano…

These are just a few of the unexpected circumstances Lindsey Porter found herself in as she travelled to some of the world’s most incredible locations. For the first time these tales have been brought together in a collection that shares the unforeseen and often humorous outcomes, whilst revealing an insight into places that are a little off the tourist trail. They also track her amazing life-journey from being a Senior Project Manager working in Financial Services to travelling to India to train as a Yoga Teacher.

‘Lindsey has captured perfectly how her travels and adventures have shaped her to become the amazing person she now is. Growing through her travels and gaining a greater and deeper understanding of herself and the world around her.’
— Dr Pam Lynch, author of "how the hell did I get here?"




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